Our Factory

Our factory spread over three different locations which are close together. Each of those equipped with facilities which support production of high quality garments. We also powered by highly skilled labors which have experiences on the garment industry for years.

our factory
Assembly Lines


assembli lines
Assembly Lines


quality control
Quality Control

Our factory has been certified by some worlwide certifying agents to make sure that our activites are comply with certain standards.

We have, totally, more than 1000 employees and 25 assembly lines and more will be added soon. We are supported by modern pattern and sample making facility to cope with technically difficult products.

Also, our cutting facility is armed with modern tools in order to make cutting process faster but effficient.

We also have embroidery and printing facilities which are well integrated with the rest of the production processes.

embroidery facility
Embroidery Facility
printing activity
Printing Activity

We provide all of the above stuffs in order to satisfy our clients. That' s why don't hasitate to build relationship with us.